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September 8, 2013
Early warning !

2020 Tokyo Olympic decision!

August 24, 2013
Asakusa Samba Carnival
The 32th Asakusa Samba Carnival is held annually.
Attracting about 500,000 sightseers who fall under the spell of the passionate rhythms of the samba, the event has a strong international flavor.

August 2013
Lecture road bike


In this time, our customer K.K is a marathon runner.

He tried to ride on the road bike for the first time.

Even though he rode on 40Km with us and interested in riding.

We want to introduce great views of Japan by bicycle.

 "Road bike tour! It realize exciting experience for you" 

July 2013
 Our Yuru-Kyara,characters "Oren-te kun" 
 "Oren-te kun"is mascot of our local, Asakusa orange street.

"Oren-te" meens The Ogange Street and celebrity handstanps that are on those street,like L.A.'s.

Recently "Yuru-kyara" mascot characters are one of the culture as the animation in Japan.

Why not focus on these characters whe you visit Japan.

July 27 2013

Sumida River fireworks in Tokyo


A heavy storm on Saturday night caused the cancelation of the famous Sumida River fireworks festival in Tokyo for the first time in 35 years.It was very disappointing.We expect next year.

July 15 2013
Lotus flower Ueno Shinobazupond

Ueno Shinobazupond on the way of cycling tour.

"Lotus" was beginning to bloom large flower this year.

July 2013
Buddy birth to Himiko.
Both of ships are familiar with Space Battleship "Yamato"
It is the design of Mr. Matsumoto Reiji.


Sumida River Cruise New ship "Hotaruna"

It is a compound word the moon: Luna and firefly in Japanese.

June 5 2013
Guest from Finland

Guests  from Finland Northern Europe.

There also FinAir and Jal has opened the Narita-Helsinki direct flights, the Nordic countries also seems to have become remarkably close.

May 25 2013
Tokyo firefly TOKYO HOTARU FESTIVAL 2013

If, if there is a firefly us to Sumidariver, ...

On this day, along with the sunset, the Sumida River was dyed blue. Of Tokyo firefly, events shed a fluorescent ball. Fantastic scenery, such as a galaxy in the night sky totally, went flowing like when I turn now.

May 25 2013
Akita Kanto Festival in Asakusa

The hanging a lot of lanterns put the light a big pole, hand bearers of one person while balancing and one hand, shoulder, forehead, or back, while balancing with shout "Dokkoisho, Dokkoisho" of, to give high in the sky.  The gallery watch with bated breath around. All the way, it is an unveiling trip to Asakusa from Akita.

May 19 2013
Asakusa Sanja Festival

This year, along with the high-spirited shout, season Asakusa Sanjya festival came.
Even front of the Tokyo tabisaki office, portable shrine of many, came along with the hand bearers of happi coat matching as usual. We hope to have a tour experience that  would carry Mikoshi a portable shrine of the Asakusa Sanjya festival next year.

March 28 2013
Cherry blossoms in full bloom also Sumida River

Flowering earlier than usual, some of the guest booking, is breaking the person who became the cherry blossoms after the beginning, it was scattered to scattered Unfortunately, But, again, this time cherry blossoms in full bloom, the city of Tokyo, I show different expressions and always. Come and those who plan, this time, from in the end of March to April , is one of the best season in Tokyo tour.

March 10 2013
White plum Yushima

During the course of the cycling tour, is also famous as a showplace Yushima Tenjin to enshrine the god of learning, the Michizane Sugawara, plum. Touch the information of flowering plum this year, I tried to stop. It was in full bloom beautifully. The garden is an oasis in the city, we rest to forget from time to time for a while.

February 24, 2013


Tokyo Marathon2013
Tokyo Marathon was held in 2013. One staff person, we have to finish each guest will take part in three people traveling guide.

I was rooting for them at front of Kaminarimon Gate, Asakusa.

February 3, 2013

Mamemaki of kai "Setsubun" annual will be held at the Sensoji temple Longshan gold, along with the tour guests participate.

January 14, 2013

Coming-of-age ceremony
Not when the heavy snow that, in order to ensure the best clothes at the feet of young people gathered in "Gathering of new adults" will take place in the auditorium of Asakusa Tsumesho guide before traveling, snow removal in Tokyo had a staff.

January 02, 2013

Participated with staff in cutting a Kagamimochi day tour guest Kabuki "New Year" Asakusa annual New Year. It was crowded as well, "Ichikawa Ebizo" Star of the day will take part on the day.

January 1, 2013


New Year's Day
Happy New Year! From New Year's Day, we usually start the business this year. Thank you again this year.
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