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東京旅先案内人 Tokyo Tabisaki Annainin (Pilot of Tokyo travel)


We will support your exciting Cycling Tour in Tokyo!

 If you would like to create your own original tour in Tokyo, we will always welcome you to contact us at our office on ‘Denboin’ street around Sensoji temple, which has about 1300 years of history and is one of the most popular tour spots in Tokyo.


 We will guide you to exciting places and share the charms of Tokyo with you. We will take you to places that ordinary guidebooks don’t mention or tour groups don’t visit.


Tokyo Tabisaki Annainin(Guides for your own tour in Tokyo) is a group of people from various local nonprofit organizations. We are dedicated to protecting and preserving the traditional culture and natural environment in Asakusa and Sumida river areas. 

 Our motto is ‘Support Your Own Tokyo Tour’.


Asakusa Sensoji Temple
Known for its old-town atmosphere and historic Buddhist temples, Asakusa is one of Tokyo’s most traditional neighborhoods. The finest part of Asakusa is centered upon several blocks around the centuries-old Asakusa Kannnon Temple, or Sensoji, which itself is the main attraction of the area. Asakusa has many interesting sightseeing spots such as ‘Kaminarimon’ gate (Thunder gate) that is a symbol of Asakusa and a main gate of the temple, ‘Nakamise’ shopping street, ‘Denboin’ shopping street with atmosphere of Edo (present-day Tokyo) times, ‘Rock’ street that shows the reminders of entertainment center at Taisho and Showa periods, ‘Hisago’ street with downtown atmosphere. At the back areas of Sensoji, there are traditional Japanese restaurants on the alleys in a quiet manner. 

Tokyo sky tree, Sumidariver,Imperial Palace,Ginza

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