Hot places you should check after cycling!

Asakusa Theater

 There is a comedian called Putyarin whose figure seems just like Charlie Chaplin.
He is on a show held at Asakusa Engeki theater. 

There is a cat cafe named Neko zan mai. We suggest you to visit there.

There are reasons for our suggestion down below.   


Its room is designed so well.

You will be totally amazed when you go there. The owner of the cat cafe designed the room by himself and it seems very beautiful. White color is mainly used to paint walls. 


All cats in there were abandoned 

The cats were taken to Neko zan mai by the owner. A national facility had them and they were supposed to be killed by gas if they would not be found by any  animal guardians who take care of them. Now, they are alive to share a wonderful time with people visiting there.

Kamiya bar

This bar was built in Asakusa in 1880. It is the 1st bar in Japan. Since then it has been loved by a lot of people as a place to talk. It is not only a bar but also it is a restaurant, so it should be a good place for families and a group people.

It is registered as one of registered tangible cultural properties.

There are lots of places you can have a fun night at!


If you like dancing or drinking. Roppongi can be one of good places to visit at night.

There is a cool one which has Predator in front of the entrance.

It is a two‐storied club and it is open at 7 p.m.

Compared to other clubs or bars, its entrance fee is much more reasonable. 

In there, you take all you can drink from Happy menu. Happy hours is normally from 7 to 11.

It is quite lovely. So, you shouldn't miss it when you go to Roppongi.


Shibuya has many British hubs and clubs.

Since it is the city a lot of young people usually go.

You will find crazy stuff and it is possible to hang out with random people there.

At the beginning of the basketball street, you will see people giving pedestrians advertisements of their clubs. 

They will help you to find a club you wanna go. The advertisements have the map on it.

Of course, Tokyo has other clubs, bars and interesting things.

Visit Kappa village. We will give let you know more details of things up above. Thank you.