News of 2016

Bike renewal operation !  Last time we had renewed "white Giant". This time, it's request from our customer. This MTB "GT" is his son 's memorial bike. He wanted to restore this, then use town ride ! 

Tire exchange workshop. Long ride and, flat tire in the race, essential that tri-athlete can repair by self. Everyone learned the tricks of the easy detach. Of course, beer it is also required after.

It was escorted planning of major travel company Club TourismAt Meiji era the great literary master Soseki Nastume. This cycling tour was following his foot print in Tokyo. Starting the Tokyo Station, his former residence and Nezu Shrine, the Sanshiro Pond of the University of Tokyo, etc. The cycling was easy ride of 20 km. It was fun!

Our new weapons, Three Giants ! Escape Rx3 Blue and Red are Cross bike, White one is Road bike.

Well come to Japan, Nice to meet you here in Asakusa !

2016 Summer,  We met bikes and cyclists in Europe!

We'd Participated Hyper Japan 2016 London Olympia

For our customers,The guest house is now open.

Customers of the cycling tour available, you can staying at a special price.


On the subway Hibiya Line, Asakusa, Ueno, Akihabara, Okachimachi, Tsukiji, Ginza, Hibiya, Imperial Palace, it is all direct.

May ,The National Museum of Western Art, to the World Cultural Heritage Site!

Tokyo sky tree 4th anniversary !

Tokyo water front Tour.   about 50 km

from Asakusa to go down the river,Tokyo gate bridge,Odaiba,Sumidariver,On the way back to the Marunouti office  district, through the Imperial palace,Kanda,Akihabara,Ueno,back to the Asakusa.

In Tokyo after cherry tree, dogwood, Azalea, are full bloom.

New stature Hachiko in Tokyo University.  Now open Azalea festival in The Nezu shrine .

Rapeseed Ride !  Now is the season!  Let's go to the cherry tree and continued to here!

 This tour is suitable for rider who have confidence in the legs! 

Great rapeseed field will continue Over the 10 km!  Only right Now,End of the march and early April !

March: Cherry blossom Tour  Now on Sale!

Now in Tokyo, Spring has coming ! Don't miss it,the season of Cherry blossom full blooming!

Tokyo Sunset Date course !

Roppongi hills Heart pond,Sea front Rainbow bridge,Hinode pier Sumida river Cruise,TokyoSkyTree. 

Happy New Year!   

This year also with us, please a nice Tokyo Culture Cycling Tour Together!

News of 2015

We 'd participated in BIKE TOKYO 2015 !

We participate in Bike Tokyo 2015 with our guests.

Bike Tokyo 2015 cooperates with Bike New York from this year and suggests a new city ride.

We'd participated in HYPER JAPAN FESTIVAL 2015 in LONDON!

Participate in Hyper Japan at London 2015

We will participate in Royal Pyöräily Cycling!

The instruction for new road bikers

 The ladies in the left picture enjoyed riding a road bike on Arakawa cycling road.

It is hard to adjust gears and equip pedals till you get used to it.

From Holland

 Hydrangeas just blossomed out. It was a sunny day in the rainy season. 

The guys are curious about the crazy object you can see from Azuma bridge.

They said ''Japanese beer is the best of all.'' 

Marathon Runner Fuko


 Ms. Fuko is a 100 km marathon runner. We guided her to our cycling tour of Arakawa River Cycling Road (about 40 km from/to Kasai Rinkai Park (water front park of Edogawa Ward)

 3rd anniversary of the TOKYO SKY TREE on May 22, 2015


Three years have passed since TOKYO SKYTREE Tower opened on May 22, 2012. We have looked up at it from our bicycles so many times during our guided cycling tours!  

May 13,14,15, Sanjya Festival

Sonja Festival at Asakusa tells us that summer will soon be upon us. Energetic yells of ‘Wasshoi!, Wasshoi!”, ‘Seiya! Soiya’!’ by carriers of the portable shrines and the voices of all the visitors can be heard all around. Attracted by the festival music, a look-alike of Tora-san, a famous Japanese comedian, also appeared. 

From Finland


World renowned North European photographer, Petri Arutturi Asikainen, and his friend and journalist, Simon, visited Japan for a publishing contract. They enjoyed Tokyo sightseeing with our cycling tour on their day off. 

Cherry blossom season has coming!

There are many cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo such as Asakusa near Sumida River, Bokutou, riverside of Arakawa River, The Imperial Palace, Ueno Park, etc. One of the charms of cherry blossoms for the Japanese is its representation of transient life and that they fall all too soon after the full bloom. 


Cherry tree festival in March


Susanoo Shrine is located about 20 minutes by bicycle from Asakusa. 1500  ‘hina’ dolls are displayed in March. It is said that dolls have souls. It’s a mysterious experience to be looked by such a large number of dolls. We will visit there in the bicycle tour in March. 


Near-Future type Bicycle Navigation –

Under Experiment!


The Tokyo metropolitan government now has an on-going program to prepare bicycles with navigation systems and to make Tokyo city more suitable for bicycles, so that visitors can enjoy the main sightseeing spots by bicycle. The target is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. We are supporting this program by participating in the experiments in Asakusa area and providing various data.


 A receiver to receive information from a satellite navigation system, and software downloaded to a smart-phone to navigate with map and voice, are set on the handle bar.  Bone conduction type headphone is used not to cover ear. English version is available now and support for other several languages are in planning.

Demonstration of Bicycle Taxi!

You can enjoy the different street views by running slow on a bicycle taxi. No CO2 emission! You can see the bicycle taxis on the streets in Europe these days, but it’s just started in Japan. We are working together with the related groups and aiming at introducing bicycle taxis in the Asakusa area and other areas of Taito Ward.

January birthday is this tower, Height 634m


It’s not easy to take a picture of the whole Tokyo Skytree Tower from the bottom. 


Happy New year! 

 We wish you good will and good fortune in the coming year.