Tokyo Marathon new course Cycling Tour

     by Electric assist docomo community bike !  

Tokyo Marathon

New Course Cycling Tour 

Start : Asakusa =TokyoCultureCyclingTour


   10:30 am on Start,  All day

2018 February 11,12,18,25,             

 12,000yen / 1person (With Lunch)

 (included bike & helmet & insurance)

electric assist bike for ¥1,500 extra fee.

If you participant this tour, you can say,

"I've found out almost Tokyo!"


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docomo bike

docomo community bike equipped with electric assistance, currently deployed in the center of Tokyo more than 2,300, it can be easily lent out with card key, it is OK to drop off at various port. Even those who are not confident in physical fitness can enjoy cycling easily.

docomo community bike は電動アシスト付、現在、東京の中心部に2,300台余り設置され、カードキーで借り出しも簡単、どこでもポートへ返却出来ます。体力に自信のないかたでも、楽々サイクリングを楽しめます。

You can start near the your accommodation

At TokyoCultureCyclingTour, we will hold a cycling tour starting from Asakusa headquarters, renting docomo bikes and starting all the points in the city using docomo bike.

 For example, you can start the Tokyo Marathon course cycling from the nearest port of your accommodation.

TokyoCultureCyclingTour, では、浅草本部より、ドコモバイクを使用したサイクリングツアーを開催しています。例えば、あなたのご宿泊地のすぐ近くのポートから、東京マラソンのコースをツアーし、ご希望の場所で終了できます。

Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Marathon course started Shinjuku Metropolitan Government, and finished in the Imperial Palace, Ginza, Nihonbashi, Asakusa, Sumida River, Tomioka Hachiman, Marunouchi, Toranomon, Tokyo Tower, Shinagawa and the Imperial Palace. You can see the main sightseeing spots in Tokyo in 42.195 km.

The Tokyo Marathon course


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Imperial palace Tokyo Central Cycling 35km

Every weekend you can enjoy cycling with us on the central city of Tokyo!

Tokyo sea side Cycling 55km

We are able to escort you to the secret cycling course at sea side Tokyo bay area!

The Cherry Blossom Tour, coming soon!

End of the March and early April, just two weeks!  

Tsukiji Fish Market secret tour

The only thing that we can go into the real Tsukiji market and eat the best tuna is our cycling tour with a fresh fish selling license.

Tea Ceremony  Japanese traditional culture experience

Special optional tour, Tea ceremony, Omatsuri museum etc. 

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