Tour Content ! Only five people per day!

 Relaxed tour

Course ¥ 10,000 per day

(with lunch and souvenirs)

Half-day course ¥ 5,000

 (with a souvenir)

Relaxed easy tour, using small wheel bicycle or hybrid bicycles.

Line 1 Model Course

Departure: Asakusa,   walkneighborhood Sensoji Temple Asakusa Public Hall bicycleTokyo Sky Tree-bicycleAkihabara Ueno neighborhood bicycleAntiquarian city Kanda-- bicycle Imperial PalacebicycleTokyo Tower-bicycle--Hibiya Park, Ginza   -bicycle-Rainbow Bridge  bicycleHinode Pier river-cruise ~Asakusa 

                  (It requires a separate water-bus boarding tickets to River Cruise)

 "1Q84" "Hard-Boiled Wonderland And The End of The World"  "Norwegian Wood" etc.
Appearing in the novel world of global writer Haruki Murakami, many of Tokyo of place names, 
while tracing the world of the novel a location, around by bicycle.
Course ¥12,000 per day.

Authentic Cycling Tour


Road bike rider Only!

Course ¥ 10,000 per day

 (with lunch and souvenirs)

Half-day course ¥ 5,000

(with a souvenir)

The participants will provide a road bike, complete with helmet equipment, such as gloves. We will serve as tour guides on this rather hard touring course around Tokyo.

We will set the course to meet your needs, desires and cycling level.


New course Tokyo Marathon official course,  guided a bike  by                                                                                                             Tokyo Marathon finisher stuff. 

 Course ¥ 12,000 per day .    

Limited five people are only for each schedule all day long

(with lunch and souvenirs )

 (include river boat fee when we use boat return way)

We start from Shinjuku, the Metropolitan Government and make a goal to Ichigaya, moat, Ochanomizu, Tokyo Dome, Kanda, Imperial Palace, Hibiya, Zojo-ji Temple, Tokyo Tower, Nihonbashi, Asakusabashi, Asakusa, Tsukiji, Tsukuda, Toyosu, and Ariake!

 It is past all courses of famous Tokyo marathon, 42.195km with the commentary of the course by bicycle by covering all the famous tourist attractions of the Tokyo downtown area.


(We recommend a hard core cyclist for participation of the which there is the confidence to become around 55km including a start, the coming and going to the goal spot)

Strolling Metro Course

¥ 5.000 ~ 1 day course

Guided map and text (Japanese / English)

With souvenir 

 We will use the Metro, which is the world’s densest and most accurate subway system, while strolling around areas of Tokyo, including areas of your choosing. We will show you areas of Tokyo not normally seen on a tour. And also take you to hidden well-established stores and local, delicious restaurants.